The Audio Recordings of JA Beacons with photos

In 1996, G3WOS, Chris asked me to collect JA beacons' audio beause they planed to make CD-ROMs which include many beacon audio.
Then after, the beacon collection project was established by JF6DEA.
The members of this project were JM3XAV/1, JA3XQO, JH6VZS, JR8DAG, JL4GTO and JF6DEA. They made 4 audio recordings and sent them to UKSMG.
The following files are the same files they made.
In addition, the photos of JA2IGY was taken by JL3TOG.
I would like to say thank you to those who allowed me to put these files on this page.

JA2IGY Beacon (Mie Pref.)
JA2IGY Beacon (Mie Pref.) (Normal RA file)

JG1ZGW Beacon (Tokyo)
JG1ZGW Beacon (Tokyo) (Normal RA file)

JA6YBR Beacon (Miyazaki Pref.)
JA6YBR Beacon (Miyazaki Pref.) (Normal RA file)
JH8ZND Beacon (Chitose, Hokkaido)
JH8ZND Beacon (Chitose, Hokkaido) (Normal RA file)

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