The Audio Recordings of VK3OT

VK3OT, Steve is one of the famous Australian DXers.
He sent me a large number of real audio files that include 50MHz QSOs and some beacons audio.
(Some old recordings were made by JA1RJU "Kazu", and encorded into RA files by Steve.)

As for a few beacon recordings, I attached audio files which were recorded in Japan.
(For details, please see the JA Beacons page)
Compare these files! It may be interesting.
If you have any difficulty in hearing "Streaming RA files", please choose "Normal RA files".
Please download the latest version of Real Audio Player.(Ver 3 or higher)

Now, listen to the VK3OT's audio files!!

Cycle 21

VK9XT No.1
VK9XT No.1 (Normal RA file) VK9XT No.2
VK9XT No.2 (Normal RA file) VK9XT No.3
VK9XT No.3 (Normal RA file) VK9XT No.4
VK9XT No.4 (Normal RA file) VK9XI
VK9XI (Normal RA file) HL9WI
HL9WI (Normal RA file) JH6TEW
JH6TEW (Normal RA file)

Cycle 22

VK2QF via B/S
VK2QF via B/S (Normal RA file) VK0IX's Beacon(The Antarctic)
VK0IX's Beacon(The Antarctic) (Normal RA file) JA1RJU via Afternoon TEP
JA1RJU via Afternoon TEP (Normal RA file) JG2BRI
JG2BRI (Normal RA file) JR2HCB
JR2HCB (Normal RA file) JA2IGY Beacon
JA2IGY Beacon (Normal RA file) JA7ZMA Beacon
JA7ZMA Beacon (Normal RA file) JH8ZND Beacon
JH8ZND Beacon (Normal RA file)

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