The QSO Audio Recordings of VR2XMT

Here are QSO audio recordings which were encorded in RA(real audio) files by Charlie, VR2XMT.

Now, listen to the VR2XMT's audio files!!

9M0C (Streaming)
9M0C (Normal RA file)
9M2NK (Streaming)
9M2NK (Normal RA file)
VK8PN (Streaming)
VK8PN (Normal RA file)
H44AL (Streaming)
H44AL (Normal RA file)
A45ZN (Streaming)
A45ZN (Normal RA file)
Dear Akira-san,

On 5th Apr 98 at 0920z to 0925z, Oman open into Hong Kong.
A45ZN worked four VR2s, including VR2LC, VR2PM , VR2XMQ and myself.
A45ZN, Tony use 10W into a 5 ele yagi. During the QSO, I have very strong electrical noise, so the recording is not very good.
Anyway, I attached it for your reference.

73 Charlie

Another Opening to A4, Oman. VY Strong Signal!!

A45ZN (SSB) (Streaming RA)
A45ZN (SSB) (Normal RA file)

A45ZN (FM) (Streaming RA)
A45ZN (FM) (Normal RA file)
Letter from Charlie

Dear Akira,

Today we have another opening into Oman, I believed yesterday 10 Apr, also open into JA because I heard 7J6CCU worked Tony on the band.

Today we aslo try FM, signal was great. Attached is the RA file.
73 Charlie

9M6CT (FM) (Streaming RA)
9M6CT (FM) (Normal RA file)

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By Akira, JM1SZY / K8SZ